Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Wade Through the B.S. Americans Must Put Their Boots On

The Superbowl just set a new record for destroying a full day in the life of a human being. Over 1/3 of Americans stopped living their own lives in order to watch a bunch of other folks live theirs.

Isn't that what T.V. is all about?

Look, I love sports... playing them and coaching kids that like to play them, that is.

T.V. is the anti-Christ.

Concerned about your weight/diet? By the age of 65, Americans will have spent 9 full years (24/7) of their lives in front of the T.V.

Worse we BELIEVE what we are told by those in charge of programing T.V.! Here's an idea. Go to Sports Authority, or Dicks... pick up a softball bat and glove, go home, take the bat to the T.V. and go outside and play with the kids or grandkids (wrestling/running shoes, golf clubs, or tennis racquets will work in a pinch).


I was thrilled to see this book getting so much publicity - even though I think the assertion is completely FOS.

I am THRILLED that women like Tiger Mom and the Franco-phile Mama in the above link are doing what needs to be done: Calling out American Women on Motherhood.

We have spent enough time (to little effect) bashing dead-beat dads (even thought the vast majority of actual dead beat dads are incarcerated with no opportunity to be anything else)... think I am out of bounds? Let me ask you something... If you are reading this you are a highly educated thinking person (if I do say so myself).... so how many dead beat dads, out of ALL the dads you know, do you know of?

Irrespective of the media... "deadbeat dads" primarily come from bottom wrung of our society and from the prison population. Of course, there are exceptions... but they are few. Statistically, when Dad has custody, the proportion of dead beat moms is double that of dads.


Sometimes you have to stand back in AWE... in Shock and AWE... of the bald propaganda let lose on unsuspecting T.V. watching consumers. Anybody really think that this "study" and its publication with the New York Times is just something that happened? Just a coincidence?



Know what's wrong with America? It ain't it the politicians - IT'S US. I dare newbies to read this and actually take the time to understand the implications.

And let me define "Us". "Us" are those that identify with the falsehoods of Feminism, Racism, Liberalism (see Feminism) and their effects on the family (my favorite spin is this horse sh#! "safety net" talk... the Left doesn't give a rat's ass for those truly in need - KIDS... they do care about eldrly voters, though... deny this? Then take me to task so I can school you on the numbers when following the money). Demographics do not lie. There was no such thing as the "Me" generation. There WAS (IS) the "Me" political association of those that resented their responsibilities to their families... and the outcome?

Obese, drug addled, latch-key kids/young adults (and middle aged women) that can't find their ass with both hands reduced to "occupying" tents and wasting the best years of their lives going into debt for an education in playground supervision.

But at least McDonalds' sales and profits continue to set new records growing at 3X to 4X background GDP...

Hey... Mom's too empowered... and Dad's too cowed... to do any parenting. Feed the family? Let McDonald's do it... I am too empowered by the very Corporations that my political affiliation professes to despise... Educate the family? Let the nice people with the NEA handle that. Save for a rainy day? NAFC... what's that "safety net" for, anyway. Take care of myself? Nah... healthcare is a "Right".

And that's the way it is... or was... stand by, the fix is coming.


Anonymous said...

This is the end game of Socialism. Once you believe that the government should take one man's money at gunpoint because another man deserves it, everyone wants a piece of the action. The math just doesn't work out.

Socialism destroys absolutely everything.

Glad to see you back, Greg.

Best Regards,

Coal Guy

Stephen B. said...

I really can't stand pro sports and I come from a family where everybody else has always been a fanatic about the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics.

I think pro sports has become, not initially by design, but still, some kind of major diversion encouraged by the Power Elite in government and corporations. It kind of satiates the masses and provides an outlet for people's tribal urges along with people's (especially young males') need for "us vs. them" warfare.

I think it's another indication that passive consumerism has totally conquered this country. It's funny to see somebody say "we" won (or lost) a game, as if the avg. couch potato had any part at all in the game's outcome, is laughable.

A couple of days ago, my brother posted a FB status that said he was amused at all the people that love to "hate" Patriots QB Tom Brady. I posted that I don't hate Brady, but went on to say that it's nothing to admire that he makes so much of his various girlfriends and wives, that he has an obscenely overdone 20,000+ sq ft. mansion, and plays with Justin Beiber-like hairdos at his age. My brother also posted that it would be better to "hate" other football players that have raped and robbed people, or done drugs (he named several players' cases) and I added that none of them are good role models for the at-risk kids I work with *at all.* I pointed out that they demonstrate that the most important things in life are lots of money spent lavishly, huge houses beyond what anybody could ever seriously use, drug use, fantastic looking b*itches (never mind if they're a good wife), and so on. I went on to say that it's unfortunate that so many of the NFL felons are men of color and further added that of course my students of color cannot help but notice this fact. After my comments, an old high school friend of my brother's (and former high school football player and team captain) posted that he thought people disliking Brady were merely jealous of Brady's money, girls, and fame.

Ya, right, me, at nearly 50, somebody who never gave a crap about girls (let's not get into it), has a nice house, despite not making so much income as of late, *hates* standing in the middle of any large party - I am much more comfortable quietly talking to just a person or so in the corner, craves fame, income, and beautiful babes - this from a man that's nearly 50 himself. 'Oh brother.

This country is indeed so far gone. We're so screwed up with poor people having no hope, a government/corporatism totally in control, people not caring in the slightest when the FBI botches a drug raid, cutting open the WRONG apartment door unannounced with a chainsaw at 6:30 in the morning, TERRORIZING a young mother and her daughter, and then barely apologizing....No, the Superbowl is more important people say.


I don't really read Kunstler much anymore, but I did quickly scan his latest Monday morning post in which I caught him talking about some Chevy pickup ad in which the men and the pickup were shot against some desolate, destroyed urban scene. Jimmy correctly pointed out that this is not exactly a good indication of just what America has become. Can any of us imagine a car ad from the 1960s using such a depressing scenery backdrop? I recall said 1960s ads. Cars were pictured on white sand beaches or on some well-manicured urban throughfare, with - wait for it - a beautiful babe standing next to the car, lol, admiring both it and her man, adoringly. Wow, have we ever changed as a people, and not for the better.

I could have told you a long time ago that this country is WELL beyond needing mere tweaks.

Stephen B. said...
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Stephen B. said...

Adding to my previous comment, I guess the difference between Brady's "babe" and the ones I mentioned in the 1960s car ads is that the babes craved for and depicted today are slutty looking while the the women in the old car ads were wearing elegant gowns, and maybe even white gloves. Sometimes the woman was even depicted as the driver too, although if such was the case, she was the solo occupant of the car.

In any case, any man or woman in a car ad always seemed upstanding, classy, and sophisticated.

Then by the early to mid 1970s, women in car ads became more like sex toys. Bikinis and such became more common, and down we started to go.

Anonymous said...

It is a natural male urge to belong to something important that is greater than himself. It's part of the male ego. For most men, the family has been the outlet for that urge. Perhaps rising sports fanaticism is in response to the decline of family


Coal Guy

tweell said...

There's nothing new here. Rome had bread and circuses, we have EBT and TV.

Anonymous said...

A kid on my daughter's FB page claimed the Constitution was irrelevant. Ironically that kid was exercising here rights she so desparged. Here in NC a new law for 2012 was passed, allowing the police to fine anyone engaging in distractive driving, i.e. no eating , reading, makeup, texting, etc. Yup, those idiots exsist do we need a police officer to enforce these things? Funny the past four plus years of following TAEC this country has nose dived off the face of common sense. Sad. glad to see you back!


PioneerPreppy said...

Howdy Greg

All I can say is Preach it Brother and get ready because I think this whole mess is about to come down around us.

The French Tiger Mom article was interesting but I believe the same results can be achieved with one simple move by parents today. Home School your Children. With no exposure to the feminist dominated schools children remain better behaved and grow up as normal human beings.

All the ills you mentioned have one simple source. Feminism. I used to think we had to deal with Feminism to correct things. Now I am sure the world will correct itself soon anyway. You can only fool nature for so long.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


Not sure if I should think you or kick you... after all, it was you that got me to reading and noodling the source of much of America's angst...

And I think you are correct... the fix IS coming... the Feminists and their ilk simply do not reproduce, and the future belongs to those that do... the Feminist Left relied heavily on recruiting at colleges and universities... but that jig is up in large part.

PioneerPreppy said...

I imagine the feminist movement will come to an end long before they run out of young females to recruit though.

Feminism has always been about wealth and power transfer and they relied on cheap energy to fund that transferable growth. There was more than enough abundance to bring all the other side elements along with them. Minority rights, anything that was based on hatred of White men, animal rights, education (it's for the children) etc.

As the pie shrinks so will the feminist power conglomerate. I believe it is already happening although I would like to see it happen faster.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the skewed sex ratios of the world's most populated countries, India and China you would hope and pray that they might start to adopt some of the values of Western feminism, that women are at least equal in value to men and deserve the right to live.

Unfortunately, the hatred and scorn of women in the Asian regions of the world have resulted in an entire generation growing up in which there are 20% more men than women. The advent of ultrasound has led to massive abortions of female babies.The practice of female infanticide is still a part of every day life in the poorer sections of the world. This is unprecedented in human history and represents a major threat to domestic and international security.
Everybody wants boys nobody wants girls. Women are becoming an endangered part of the human race, to the extent that the global sex ratio of babies born now approaches 108 boys to 100 girls.

Unfortunately this trend does not seem to be abating, so if the perception that women are inferior to men isn't changed we will likely reach a global ratio of 110 men to every 100 women, and this is likely to be a very unpleasant place to live

PioneerPreppy said...

At the casualty rate in work place deaths which now stands at 98% male worldwide I believe (But still requires women to be paid the same as men) and the death toll of men over women in third world countries. That still leaves 3 women to every surviving man before it is all said and done.

Polygamy should be making a come back heh?

Anonymous said...


actually you are wrong. There are about 350 million "surplus " men now in India and China who will be forced into a life of involuntary bachelorhood. Death rates of men are slightly higher than women worldwide, but not enough to supplement the skewed sex ratios caused by widespread massive aborting of infant girls

PioneerPreppy said...

The death rate of African men over women off sets that. Not to mention the newest trend in Western Feminist countries that are preferring girl children and aborting boys. The Chinese and to a lesser extent Indians got a jump on selective abortion by a few decades.

The Large surplus of Chinese men is a problem I will give you that and will more than likely manifest itself in military conquest. My bet is they see a ripe DE-masculated Western World where feminist dogma has placed women in combat and ground the men under it's heel for 50 years.

I am assuming you are a Western female so I hope you like shorter men and lots of rice.

Anonymous said...

no your numbers are wrong. The World Health Organization shows that the death rates of African men is a very small part of the global population, and in fact the rates of death of African women are rising particularly from HIV related deaths. The Western countries are actually seeing an increase in the number of female infants aborted. you are making most of your information up, which isn't really surprising - this is a totally bogus website based on rants not facts

PioneerPreppy said...

And you my dear are attempting the same ol tired feminist ploy of starting a fight between others for your own gain.

We must send our young men out and die to spread feminism to all the world so women will have a better life. Oh and make sure every woman who wants to gets credit for combat so she can become a general officer.

The gig is up sweetie you have broken the Western World economically and damaged it spiritually. I still think Western men will be able to fix it so there is hope, but the social and economic costs will be so high you can wave goodbye to your special gender privileges.

Anonymous said...

PP: I doubt you would know a Western feminist if it hit you on the head falling from they sky. You sound like a grumpy old curmudgeon who is mad at the world because he couldn't get laid in a whore house with a wallet full of thousand dollar bills.

PioneerPreppy said...

Yippee the classic femiskank come back. Almost as much fun as being called racist.

tweell said...

Anonymous, where's your cites? You claim that PP is wrong, where's the proof?
Here's an interesting article, if somewhat dated: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2006-06/15/content_617607.htm

PioneerPreppy said...

Interesting article Tweel. I didn't know that selective fertilization was illegal in that many countries.

In the end ol anon feminist's points mean zilch anyway. The WHO? A feminist backed organization with an agenda. The agenda is what matters they wish, as all feminists do, to control the power of men and use them as the canon fodder for their own ends.

Men need to wake up and see that no matter how these skanks spin numbers it isn't to any mans benefit to be lead around by them. Once men wake up these bishes are done.

Greg T. Jeffers said...


My personal observation leads me to suspect that Western Feminists/Lesbians/Liberals in my personal universe have too many girls for there to be any other explanation... I looked for data to support my hypothesis, but found nothing.

Anonymous said...

There are many resources available for free on the internet from reputable publications and organizations which address the topic of skewed sex ratios at birth and the implications for future generations.
is an article which discusses the frightening form of genocide against baby girls which started in India and China and has spread to Armenia, Georgia and Albania.
The Economist addresses this topic in its http://www.economist.com/node/18530371
article as does a UN report on the topic http://www.unfpa.org/public/cache/offonce/home/publications/pid/9143;jsessionid=15288178CE405B55FEA270847F798BF9.jahia01.

The fact remains that India and China account for 40% of the world's population with over 2.5 billion people and for the last 15 years there have been 20% more baby boys born there than baby girls. This is an epidemic which is spreading to Eastern Europe and is resulting in a global skewed sex ratio of 107 baby boys born worldwide for every 100 baby girls. This is from the CIA and can be found at wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_ratio

The fact is "Western style" feminism is a very small part of the world, and in the vast majority of human populations girls and women are given much lower status and many are not even allowed to live. For us Pro Life feminists it raises a much more alarming question of how much violence against women should be tolerated?

PioneerPreppy said...

As a matter of fact I have read a couple of different studies where parenting polls show a marked increase in Westerners now wishing for girls more than boys. I could go dredge them up but I don't really feel the need.

The sacrifice of female children has been around since time began actually. It has been documented over and over. Of course so has the sacrifice of men barely old enough to be claimed as men.

The one child rule and harsh living conditions caused a predominant male survival rate for babies born in China. I don't think anyone has ever denied that or if they have I haven't read it. Is it wrong? Well I wouldn't do it but just like with most social engineering the flip side or so called justice a liberal/feminist would like to institute in it's place is just as wrong.

All feminism has ever done is flip the actual or imaginary wrongs done to one gender type onto another gender type. Period. That is not justice. The best thing it can be called is revenge and not even actual revenge but perceived revenge at that.

Feminism may yet be contained in the lesser populated Western world but the ratio of money spent on that demographic far exceeds anything spent anywhere else. In fact the resources needed to maintain your so called feminist level playing field is what causes women in other countries to be sacrificed. The sooner you realize nature is not there to be bent to your will the sooner women and men in other nations can enjoy a better life.

Until then someone else is paying for your gluttony.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

"The sacrifice of female children has been around since time began actually. It has been documented over and over. Of course so has the sacrifice of men barely old enough to be claimed as men."

PP just out calling balls and strikes.