Monday, April 11, 2011

"I Hate Everything and Everybody"

"I hate everything and everybody" pretty much sums up my thoughts on the "budget battle". Never have more losers done less for the unknowing in the history of mankind... with the possible exception of the FDR administrations.

I despise the Left AND the Right in America. The "players" on either side have no heart felt beliefs, no "moral compass", and no humanity.  "I FART in their general direction."

May they eat sh#! and die.


The Tea Party blinked. No, that isn't fair. The Tea Party wet their pants, and they are proving to be just another group willing to try to kick the can down the road. Notice the next day that Pimco show's up short Treasury Bonds? That ain't a coincidence. Both bonds AND stocks are going to get rocked as will employment and housing... unless something changes drastically.


I was beyond thrilled to see this post by Stuart Staniford over at "earlywarn".  If you have been reading my stuff for a while you know that I get peptic regarding the lack of numeracy amongst the political and media establishment. For reasons unknown to me the "intelligensia" here in America simply cannot or will not understand the relationships between numbers, other wise known as ratios.


Oil has had some week. And the propaganda just keeps coming. Please consider paragraph 2 of this inane horsesh#!.
Across the country, people are pumping less into the tank, reversing what had been a steady increase in demand for fuel. For five weeks in a row, they have bought less gas than they did a year ago.
The cessation of Libya's Oil exports is the reason American's have bought less gas over the past 5 weeks, you AP jackass. People cannot buy what isn't there, and the volume that was available has been rationed by price.  


The Oil shock cometh. Upon its arrival it shall be known as the new normal. The new normal is the solution.  


Anonymous said...

I wonder if pumping less in the tank means they aren’t driving to work so much? I’m telling ya the country is full of lazy bums. First everyone wants a big house next to the golf course. Then no one wants to go to work anymore.


Stephen B. said...

Who woulda' thunk? --

For airports, cargo is big business. Air freight rose 10 percent between 2009 and 2010, from 20.7 million tons to 22.9 million. Growth in cargo far outstripped passenger service, which rose only 2 percent during the same period, from 767 million travelers to 782 million.

We'll see how far this trend of air freight growing goes.

PioneerPreppy said...

It seems there is so much news out there about increased profits, growing inventory orders, consumer spending on the rise, companies hiring, unemployment down. Yet all of that seems to run contrary to what I am seeing locally and hearing from friends and coworkers.

Just not sure what to think about it all.

Spud said...

Ration the gas by volume not price !
That way all those Yuppies out there along with fatcats could actually help out the problem by using less.
The system will crash if it's done by pricing. That or it will trigger a civil war separated by class.

kathy said...

Some time ago you asked for input about what we might see in cities as the economic collapse really took hold and Main Street felt the pain. I commented that, as the safety nets were pulled away, you could see real unrest. People were likey to get good and angry (and violent) when the food stamps stopped coming or the rent subsidies disappeared. I can not help but wonder just how long the fear of that anger will keep TPTB from taking the steps necessary to get our fiscal house in order. Who is strong enough, brave enough or wise enough to say the words we need. Sacrifice and painful change are the words of political suicide. Even those that want cuts seem to want them for everybody else. Their own good life should not be altered. I wasn't surprised in the least. I fully expected the cuts to be paltry and the drama of the last minute deal to play out in real time. In fact, I was invested only as far as not wanting the made-for-TV docudrama to impact me in real life. You could add some other words concerning "him and the horse he rode in on" to your rant. I'm getting less invested each day. I belong to a group of small scale farmers. We meet a couple of times a month to set up work share parties, swap tools, exchange livestock ans such. Last night, the talk was about where our holes were in terms of being self-contained and what we could do to plug them and still stay under the radar. We have no USDA approved slaughterhouse anywhere nearby although we do a have a couple of trained butchers in the group. We can butcher for home consumption but not for sale. We finally have an approved raw-milk dairy. We don't grow enough grain and we need a true seed saving group as the science is tricky and we want to preserve both volume and biological diversity. I saw a real shift at last night's meeting. There were more young farmers there and they all seem ready to engage in quiet, civil disobedience. Shades of MLK in the farming community. That's change I can believe in.

Anonymous said...


Do you think we are the only country that uses oil? There is a limited supply and other nations will just buy the oil if you assert price controls. Look back at the 70's for the answer. The rationing then led to shortages and gas lines. Price is the only mechanism that can control usage. All systems are regulated by natural laws that limits the stupidity of mankind.


Did you erase my earlier post?


Anonymous said...

The politicians will do nothing. Gutless wonders, all of them. As the Bible says,

Blessed are they that run in circles, for they shall be called wheels.


Coal Guy

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I never erase your stuff, young man.

I would show as delete by administrator

Greg T. Jeffers said...

It would show..