Thursday, October 28, 2010

Speaker Boehner

I didn't know much about Bill Boehner, and still don't, but after reading this article I have a warm and fuzzy feeling about having a Speaker of the House who said:

“I’ve had every rotten job there ever was” and “I was grateful to have every single one,”

I am thrilled to see a working class kid at the top of the heap.  I never want to hear the name of another Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, Cuomo, Pelosi, Daly, et al in American politics ever again.  EVER.

Time for some new blood, and I like my new blood to have dug a ditch or two sometime during their lives... good for the soul.


Today's JOD Award (Jag-Off of the Day) goes to Mike Whitney, the Lefty's Liberal.

Mike, you are a POS.  Your taunting, mean-spirited attack on Libertarians and nit-wit support for the innumerate Left has earned you today's JOD Award.  Anytime you want to debate, Mike, just name the time and place.  While I will feel poorly about entering into a duel with an unarmed opponent, I would be only too happy to strip the bark off of all your silly assertions.  The problems going on in France and the rest of Welfare West have one thing in common - Keynesianism, along with Socialism and Communism, is inconstant at its base.  This is not to say that the West's corporate cronyism, often mis-labled as Capitalism, is not... that does not make your assertions any more accurate.

(And man do I wish Glen Beck and Sarah Palin would dry up and blow away... thanks for your help in getting the ball rolling, but now you are merely getting in the way.  We desperately need thoughtful, intelligent, measured, well-spoken folks on the front lines now. Kooks to the rear, please. That means you too, Mike.)

Mike, you need to find a new line of work... because rational, well conceived, and thoughtful analysis escapes you.  Actually, belay that... perhaps you are well suited for your position as neither you, nor the vast majority of your sympathizers, can actually count. Neither have any, ANY, of you put finger to calculator and then pen to paper.  In short, you make sh#! up.  And the Left believes your sh#!.

W              T               F                  ?


bureaucrat said...

Be careful always supporting "Joe Average," as sometimes they can go off on a tangeant and end up doing things we never wanted them to do (Hilter comes to mind). I know you hate college-educated people, but sometimes it isn't a bad thing to have a few of them out there, being, in most cases, very reasonable and not "nuts." :)

And, it took me awhile to figure out Mike Whitney ( was a Kenyesian pump-primer. But, so are a LOT of people. And some of them are professors and other PhDs. Only the clergy are willing to not believe their eyes when studying their specialty. :) Smart people are NOt going to continue to toe-the-line forever if what is happening in front of them doesn't mesh with what they've read. They do understand the importance of reality. :)

Dextred1 said...

I hope the republicans really come in and shake it up, but I have my doubts.

My wish list to start

1. Constitutional amendment limiting spending to 18% of Gap
2. Enforcing border security, Actually fence or poured wall, double manpower and enable states to deport illegal’s
3. Cut something like 20 percent across the board in all programs, Medicare, defense and ss included. The SS could be longer term (cut bennys by 5 or 10 percent, raise age up 2yrs(maybe increase age 1 month for every 3 month period, so six yrs total)Raise ss tax by 1 1/2%
4. Cut the head off the china problem, increase tariffs. I am a free trade guy, but they don’t play by the rules.
5. Demand return of remaining stimulus and Tarp.

PioneerPreppy said...

I find it interesting that politicians frequently repeat the fact that people are living longer as a reason to raise the retirement/SS age. Yet they never mention that it is a good reason to institute term limits.

Personally I find it disgraceful that a man or woman would even consider dying in office or would even have the nerve to run for office at 75 plus.

Dextred1 said...


Good call

PioneerPreppy said...

And Dex got me thinking on another issue.

I have often wondered if campaign finances shouldn't be limited to a specified amount given out by the government when you announce your bid for office. I believe Britain does something like that now. Wouldn't it be nice to cancel out this big money "media-crat" advantage?

bureaucrat said...

Now, C'Mon guys. People have lots of leeway these days if they want to run for office. And the politicians are only doing exactly what the people want. Why would you want to restrict the electoral process? Don't the people have the right to get everything they vote for? Don't you trust the people with their own vote? Aren't the Libertarians right? People know what is best for themselves! Then stop trying to "game the system" by limiting spending or limiting terms.

(The above piece is what is called being "facetious." Look it up.) :)

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Don't know a thing about the man... just like seeing working class folks make good.

BTW, don't shoot me... but I would feel the same if some working class kid came up in the Dems, a la Bill Clinton.

Don't shoot!

Crybaby said...

If the libertarians are smart they will separate themselves from the so-called "Tea Party" as quickly as possible. The Tea party is a joke, its no different than any other fad like a new video game or Lady GaGa's latest outfit. But the libertarians could have some influence on American politics in the coming years if they are thought provoking, civil and rational about their ideas and beliefs.

You might want to try being a little less scornful of some of the less fortunate, or less smart or less hard working people than yourself. Yes, there are alot of lazy worthless slobs in this country but there are also a lot of decent, honest hardworking people who are just struggling to support their families and who would listen to any reasonable candidate. And success in politics is as much about personality than anything else - John Boehner may have worked his way up but he has zero charisma and is a whore to every crooked lobbyist who ever worked in Washington, including the tobacco companies and Goldman Sachs, whom you label the Anti Christ.

tweell said...

Me, I don't want spending limits on elections, public money elections (tax paid) or anything like that. What I want is transparency. Total campaign fund disclosure - who gave how much when. Any group that provides political contributions has to do the same thing, no hiding behind organizations. Within 72 hours, all must be known, or the contribution returned (failure would be a fine 5x that of the contribution). Follow the money!

Greg T. Jeffers said...

Cry Baby:

I have no idea of anything about Boehner, other than he comes from humble beginnings.

I don't doubt that he has been as much a panderer as Pelosi. By all means, I would very much like to know whatever it is that you know about his relationships with lobbyists and his financial supporters.

Please share them with us.

Greg T. Jeffers said...

I just like to see "dishwasher" and such in their resume, since I have it in mine.

Dextred1 said...

The truth is that at this point you can't get that power without big money. So it is really not an indictment unless he is actually shown to have voted in some way to help donors, but that is also highly contentious because republicans are for low taxes and less regulation. How would you show bias? The answer is that this is politics, get used to it. Have you watched the orgy of special interest money and the Dems? It is what it is, they both play the game. The one difference is that corporate money does not attach quickly to new candidates so term limit should slow the process down. How many times have we seen men elected to office only to turn into the very thing they railed against.