Friday, May 7, 2010

FOS part 3

I'm sorry. This has absolutely nothing to do with energy... but to exemplify how FOS we have become nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats this:

A significant leader of the Christian Right, a crusader working for the Sex Police, gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, knocking boots with a young man that he met on line at - wait for it...!

Actually, this guy came a long and pulled this stunt at a very convenient time... I needed some FOS material on the Right. The Left just leaves so much FOS out on the table it seems I pick on them... NOT TRUE!!

Dear Folks on the Left:

In addition to not supporting war and empire... Not every Republican gives a good fart who you are sleeping with, how much porn you surf (provided you don't do it at your government job), what your personal proclivities are... there are plenty of guys like me on this side of the aisle that don't think its anyone's business what goes on between consenting adults, PERIOD... and it is CERTAINLY not the government's business. Its a shame that the Republicans are stuck with folks that feel this way and want to intrude in your life... if the Libertarian party was even remotely viable, I'd be out of here like Vladimir.

Guys like this make pro-choice vegans look consistent.


bureaucrat said...


Maybe we should get back to this energy stuff .....

Hypocrisy is everywhere, in every human trying to get something they pretty much shouldn't be getting. It's amazing this world has gotten this far.

Three cheers for (hot massage) oil!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should include a 'peak boy' sister blog to track when we've hit our, er, limit.

confederate miner said...

Hey bur hope you hung on to those silver bricks. Watch silver prices monday.

bureaucrat said...

I have all nine of them. :) Though gold is getting all of the action these days.