Thursday, September 3, 2009

Police State

Here is a town with 174 residents - and 7 POLICE OFFICERS!

This is NOT an isolated instance.  Take a drive through the state of Georgia.  Its 2 main highways, I75 and I95 are now not only patrolled by the Georgia State Police but by every local department where the highway intersects their jurisdiction.  What does Petty Coat Junction's police force want with people passing through on the interstate?  Money.  What service are these police officers to their communities?  ZERO.  They are now REVENUE producers.

This is what it has come to.  Local communities cannot afford to pay for all of the municipal employees, so the police are going to become extortionists.  Next the firemen will be arsonists.

America cannot afford to prosecute people for every incident possible and keeping 2% of the adult male population in prison, parole, or probation.  But the nice Nazi's running the prison/industrial complex are not going down without a fight.

To think that our military people are in harm's way to protect a police state is just sickening.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like a part out of the movie Gangs of New York. Great acting,scary time.

Here in Chapel Hill,NC police responded to a 911 last week. It ended with officer friendly shotting ( 4 times )and killing the president ( unarmed ) of a local fraternity. More on that later it the details change. Continue on; last year you may have heard the UNC student body president was killed by two thugs for a few bucks. Used her as target practice. In down town Chapel Hill.

A few years back the Youngstown, Oh. Sheriff. went on a big drug busting rampage. TV bust, the whole nine yards. Local hero right? Naa. He was taking from rival gangs and selling to his favorite gangs for resell. Shall I contimue...


bureaucrat said...

Meanwhile, 99% of the population is not in jail, not shooting anyone, not going 30 mph over the speed limit, not pissing off any of the overpaid, flatfoot cops in the U.S., etc. The odds that anyone will run afoul of these "Nazi" policemen (most of whom aren't going to do anything since states have laws against "ticket quotas" these days, not to mention the police union would start screaming about it) on any given day are pretty slim. If you think it is so likely, I suggest you play the lottery. Perhaps you think 1 in a million ways to win are good odds. :)

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous.

A quick clarification. The Police shooting that you referred to actually happened in a small town about 45 mins to an hour away from Chapel Hill. It was a UNC-Chapel Hill student that was shot and killed, but it did not happen in CH.

Publius said...

The likelihood of running into a corrupt police officer depends GREATLY on your neighborhood.

Here in the provinces, a so-called "gang task force" is being investigated by the FBI for many crimes and offenses. It seems that police officers that were part of this task force confiscated wide-screen TVs, boats, ATVs, etc, and then just took them home... unbelievable? No... read about it. These "law enforcement" officers were completely out of control.

It is a statistical fact that the US has a far higher percentage of its population in prison than any other Western (or most eastern) nations. Bureaucrat's attitude is disconcerting, and has a faint echo of the average German citizen's attitude towards the early stages of the Nazi campaign against the Jews - it was unlikely to affect them, so what's the big deal?

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I could not agree with you more... "disconcerting" is quite the understatement.

ANY shooting of unarmed civilians by police officers is an unspeakable crime against humanity. To defend these miscreants is to encourage them.

bureaucrat said...

Can we stop with the renegade references to Nazis, a pogrom program which will never happen again in this day and age with the power of international communication. By using the "absolute worst of the worst" as a comparison for every little thing, you pretty much invalidate anything you are trying to prove. And as Jeffers has pointed out so many times, anecdotal evidence (one-time and occasional incidents or occurrences) instead of empirical (scientific-based experience or experimentation) tells us almost nothing. Although I tend do to anecdotes myself. :)

Publius said...

I apologize for using such an extreme historical example... I went overboard, but the point I was trying to make I still stand by: I find it disconcerting that you seemed to be unconcerned by lawless behavior (at least according to the precepts of natural law - a concept being killed everyday by our lawless courts) on the part of law enforcement. As these things ratchet ever upwards, we will simply lose our civil rights and natural rights.

How does going overboard due to my emotional reaction invalidate my argument? An inapt analogy doesn't, according to the rules of logic, "invalidate" an argument that was OK but would be improved by a better analogy. Analogical thinking works by pointing out parallels. The parallel I was pointing out is valid, but because of the insane amount of emotional baggage related to the Holocaust and Nazis, it has become almost impossible to use the Nazis for comparisons to present day trends, even when such parallels have some validity.

I think the automatic dismissal of any arguments that evoke Nazi Germany is actually a dangerous trend in society: it makes it more likely that we will repeat elements of a dark past. Not being allowed to talk about aspects of Nazi Germany that are being implemented in modern America is a dangerous fruit of a culture that is afraid of history, afraid of digging for the truth, and awash in propaganda itself.

I just ran into another story of a police shooting. The circumstances are still vague, but a pastor was shot to death by the police in a "drug bust." The problem being: the police found no drugs in the car, and no illegal activity was detected.

These are not anecdotes. They are part of the historical record. Someone just needs to tabulate the data. Dismissing all stories by individuals as "anecdotal" is another part of what John Ralston Saul called the "Voltaire's Bastards: the Dictatorship of Reason in the West." That's the books title. By and large, though, the cult of statistics is part of a regime of power, knowledge, and politics that has the goal of dis-empowering the individual and the masses, and empowering the "expert" and ... yes ... the bureaucrat. The goal is primary, and the cult of statistics and one typology of knowledge is used to undermine the validity of all other ways of knowing.

I disagree that only "objective science" is a valid form of knowledge in formulating policy and action. Such an ideology would make democratic politics and freedom impossible, since all real human lives are lived in an un-scientific manner, and the decisions people make and the way they vote are determined by "anecdotal" evidence.

We all live on the level of anecdote, myth, and individual narrative. That's human life. There is no life in statistics.

And that dead pastor is really dead.

bureaucrat said...

Today's trends have zero in common with the Stormtrooper era. When the food stores and gas stations close due to no inventory, and there is rioting in the streets from inflating prices, you can call me. :)

The Mad Scientist said...

"When the food stores and gas stations close due to no inventory, and there is rioting in the streets from inflating prices, you can call me. :)"

Would that be on your cell phone or by putting the BAT sign up in the sky?

bureaucrat said...

I didn't say I was going to solve it. I just said that that is the time when EVERYONE will be discussing it. :)

By the way, Mad, I bought a sixth and final silver bar this week. 600 ounces @ $16 an ounce. 1/500,000th of all the silver bullion in the world. Not bad. Let the apocalypse begin!!!!

Greg T. Jeffers said...


I LIKE calling Nazi's what they are...

"A rose by any other name"...

The only difference between the SS, the KGB, and the FBI is the U.S. Constitution... and our courts are doing a fine job of eviscerating it with incredible risk to order in our society.

Mark these words: People are pissed off. Soon, very angry members of one of these police victims clan/family is going to slaughter the offending officer, and perhaps his family. That's exactly how feuds started in the past.

The Oklahoma City bombing that resulted in the death of over 160 innocent human beings did not originate in a vacuum. Federal Law enforcement did some really dumb things, and then some really crazy people reacted.

Anonymous said...

I like BAT sign. It shows you care.


Anonymous said...

Mad Scientist,

Are you enviting all of us to dinner when SHTF?


The Mad Scientist said...

Who would have known ..Bureaucrat the caped crusader..
"It is not who I am inside but what I blog about that defines me." from the hit movie Bureaucrat Begins

"Mad Scientist,

Are you inviting all of us to dinner when SHTF?"

Sure, specially if I take delivery of my Corn futures. Know any good corn recipes?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog and your comments for some time. You are an incredibly funny guy.

Publius said...

Wyoming town outraged after police use Taser on man, 76

Publius said...

Arkansas police officer shoots man in court over traffic ticket complaint

bureaucrat said...

"Chicagoland police cars have cool, new color schemes compared to 20 years ago, making the police officers who drive them feel modern, cool and relevant" So what?

Publius said...

ah yes, the utter banality of evil makes it so easy to deride citizen concerns.
My guess is that bureaucrat is paid to keep tabs here....

bureaucrat said...

I don't want to ruin your day, but generally speaking, we in the U.S. government couldn't care less what any of you have to say. :) 100 years ago, there were way fewer "places to comment," and the world seemed happy. Today, you can comment and comment on any topic on the Internet, and you all are more paranoid and grouchy than ever!