Monday, October 29, 2007

Today I received an email from a friend who follows my blog. He sent my blog to his Financial Advisor, and the Advisor emailed this back to him, which he forwarded to me:

“Tell your friend he is an idiot and that why he runs a blog.

Inflation is no where close to the 1970 levels, short term interest
rates are no where near the levels they were in the 70's.

As a whole the world is less dependent on oil than it was in the 70's,
more importantly we are more diversified on where we get our oil (Not
dependent on the M.E.)

Real estate is an issue, but keep in mind of all the financing options
we have currently which were not available in the 70's (3/1, 5/1, 7/1
IO's etc......)and also keep in mind you can currently get 30 yr fixed
at 6.5%.

Now keep in mind that the S&P 500 gets more of their revenues from
overseas operations where in the 70's it was mostly dependent on the US.

I am tired of typing. Tell this guy to get his facts straight and not
use terms like ...."I believe" and "I think” “

Well, my facts are straight, and I give my sources unless it is my opinion. Then I do the correct thing and add the qualification.

Now I enjoy a good fight, and I sincerely hope this man of poise, grace, education, and intellect will indulge me.

Dear Financial Advisor (“FA”):

Under no circumstance… On my worst day, unfed, unwashed, and with no sleep - could I think as slow as you, not even if I tried.

I have a comments section, although most people just email me directly. Please, by all means, pick your poison. If you take exception with any of my conclusions and assertions please write me. I will be happy to post your comments. You will not be the first to disagree with me. The beauty of the crude oil commodity markets is that they are the ULTIMATE meritocracy. The smarter guy keeps the other guy's money.

I will be happy to let you know which contracts I am bidding for in the Commodity Futures and Options market. Since I am, what was it… an “idiot”? I will give you a tremendous opportunity - to make a great deal of money by taking advantage of my limited cerebral capacity. I will tell you what contracts in the commodities market I am trying to buy. You sell them to me; taking the other side of a trade versus an “idiot” should be like taking candy from a baby. Just to make it fair, since I am an energy bull and an “idiot” I will only take “long” positions; you can short them to me. If I am truly an “idiot”, you will get to keep all of my money. Of course, if it is you who is the “idiot”, I will get to take all of your money. Got it? Excellent. My email is:

Mentatt (at) yahoo (dot) com

I look forward to cleaning you out.

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