Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Everything you have been told about your Health is Wrong?

For decades now the American public (and by extension the West and the OECD nations) have been bombarded with "information" regarding what one must do to maintain their heath. Eat right and exercise! Yet the industrialized West experiences hormonal cancers (and colorectal cancer) at 2X to 5X the rate that non-industrialized societies experience (the difference in breast cancer for a woman living in New York City and a woman living in the least developed parts of the world, say the mountains of Peru, is well over 5X. Pretty much the same for men and prostate cancer. Suddenly Peru has a certain appeal, no?). It gets worse for "shift workers", nurses, police officers, fire fighters, and others that work day and evening shifts. Hormonal cancers for this group are estimated to be 40% higher than for non shift workers.

This is true even though our diet in the Wealthy West is much more varied and nutritious.

What if everything you have been told about maintaining your health has been absolutely freaking wrong?

20 years ago we were admonished to never go in the sun. NEVER. There was no such thing as a "healthy tan". Now we know that the hormone Calcidiol and its resultant Calcitriol (commonly known as vitamin D, even though it is not a vitamin) is one of the 2 most important hormones in the human body for the regulation and support of our immune systems.

The other is Melatonin.

Vitamin D is only synthesized by the skin when exposed to mid day sunlight. Melatonin is only synthesized by the pineal gland in the absence of light (complete darkness).

The data is simply overwhelming, and the data says that you can veggie-juice yourself after your yoga-anti-stress class as you Namaste the universe while you cover yourself in pink ribbons and "March for the Cure" - but are at extreme risk of developing deadly, terminal cancers unless you get sunlight (or ingest Vitamin D, but there are some other benefits to sunlight - in particular the release of Nitric Oxide - that you will not get by relying on supplements) and turn off the lights completely for 10 or more hours every day. When I say "turn of the lights" I mean it in the extreme. No streetlight streaming in. No blinking router lights in the corner. No clock radio light. Darkness. As in the kind of dark that existed before the advent of commercial electricity generation.

This information is starting to leak out into the MainStream Media. In fact, you can't go near a Doctor now without getting a vitamin D shot, but the Melatonin thing? The need for darkness? If factual and accurate, and I think the data is powerfully convincing, the implications are simply mind bending. Articles covering this issue are now everywhere.

The question is this: Are we willing to turn off the lights to prevent cancer, MS, and other diseases? Are we willing to move from northern latitudes to prevent cancer? Or are we going to continue Marching for the Cure, getting Mammograms and Prostate biopsies?

If you knew that wearing a suit to work while living in brightly lit New York City was going to kill you, or cause you to lose your breasts or a working and operable penis, would you remain there?

I see the post "I F***ing Love Science" quite regularly. The internet has put the entirety of human knowledge at our finger tips - and now we know it is not the "Paleo Diet" but the "Paleo Circadian Rhythm" that governs most of our immune system. Hey, the Paleo guys were in the right church, just the wrong pew.

You can use search engines as well as I... I like "Google Scholar" but any one will do. How much reading time - and then action - is your life worth?

More soon on the mental health impacts of messing with Mother Natures natural rhythm of light and dark.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

For What Its Worth

I am going to wander off of the subject of energy and muse a bit about health.

I LOVE my Life. This one. Not some wished for existence of perfection. I love the Life I have. Grey hair, flat feet, crooked teeth, only one chromosome or 2 away from Neanderthal... and I am good with all of it.

Life is not perfect and not all of us are going to get old, grey, and wrinkly. Those are the rules, but there is absolutely no sense in killing yourself slowly or permanently damaging your health and the quality of Life for the finite time we have for questionable objectives. 

Read this incredible article "We are giving ourselves Cancer". Its not directed at smokers or the obese. It is directed at the healthcare industry. The truth of it all can be found out there in articles like this.  And this.

For better or worse, and like it or not, there has been an ongoing "natural experiment" in "cancer" outcomes. While there are several forms of "cancer" with high cure rates - testicular cancer, anal cancer, leukemia, and Hodgkins lymphoma - there is precious little data to support any assertion that all of the other treatments for the 200 some odd other cancers extend the life of a cancer victim by a single freaking day. This does not mean that some people might not experience a "cure". Surgery in certain cases can be effective in removing localized malignancies. Chemotherapy? Not so much. The math simply says that some cancers are highly aggressive and they kill us no matter what treatment plan we take and others are not aggressive and won't kill you no matter how hard the healthcare industry tries to kill you. And it is impossible to tell which from which.

If it was about "money", "status", or "access to health care" Steve Jobs, Jackie Kennedy, and Hugo Chavez would still be here.  That means means that there is no point in "fighting" cancer. The point is to fight to not get cancer if at all possible.

Well, there is another point. NO ONE is getting out of here alive. You can go to Lourdes, douse yourself in holy water, doven at the Wailing Wall... and the outcome will not change. There will, however, be all sorts of folks willing to lighten your estate for a chance at a "cure". Worse, they may well be shortening your life unnecessarily. The brutal reality is that at any time on the north side of 40 you may get some very disconcerting news from a gent or lady in a white coat. If you are over 50 its no longer even a tragedy. If you are over 60 its to be expected. The only solution, or perhaps I should say the only rational response is to have fun. Right now. (Well, that's my response... I never concerned myself with "being happy". I figured if I was having fun the rest would take care of itself.)

There are a great many people that will do their damnedest to get you killed - even if they seem like they are "on your team". An old college team mate of mine has been stricken with cancer. I have not talked to him since our college days, but I mailed out a note to him this morning. He was always a nice fellow and a genuinely good egg. I could not help thinking about the fact that the Buffalo Bills owner just passed away at 95 while the players on the field are absolutely destroying their health, with literally dozens of CT scans and hundreds of X-Rays for those with long careers. 

The "Healthcare Industry" will happily irradiate you to death, pass you hospital-acquired infections, perform unnecessary surgeries, and "treat you" without benefit - and we are worried about who will pay for that? Seems something is amiss in that line of reasoning.

The ancient Spartans aspired to a "good death" (of course, their idea of a "good death" seemed to hold a great deal of bloodshed.) For some odd reason, a good death is no longer in our lexicon. We are no longer Spartan warriors. Now we are cancer "fighters". 

"Your arms are too short to box with G-d."

The system has worked hard to scare the living sh#! out of people regarding illness and old age - and in doing so has ruined the many moments of our lives when we are healthy and young.