Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Malaysian Flight 370 Scenarios

While there is still little public hard evidence, that has never stopped us here at the AEC from going over possible scenarios...

I don't think that the pilots intended to crash that aircraft into the Ocean. The information released is that that Flight 370 climbed to in excess of 45,000 feet shortly after shutting off their inflight transponders. I think this was to render the passengers and crew helpless (dead) as part of the plan to steal the aircraft for use in a future terrorist operation (in 10 - 20 seconds at the altitude human beings are rendered unconscious... and very dead in the space of 3 minutes).

That does not mean that the plane landed intact someplace. Much could have gone wrong leaving the whoever was piloting the aircraft no other option with fuel running out but to accept the end, but I think the authorities are absolutely freaking out about the potential of having a Boeing 777 sitting around waiting for the next act in this tragedy. I would have little interest in spending time in some high value target in certain regions of Asia until it has been determined with certainty what happened to that aircraft.


The American administration and its European counterparts are wondering what the heck to do about Russia annexing a semi-autonimous region that overwhelmingly voted for annexation?

Perhaps they should "do no harm".


DaShui said...

I say let the cubans vote on guantanomo bay.

PioneerPreppy said...

I came across an interesting theory written by an airline pilot who says there was another 777 flight that corresponds to the flight path the ML flight turned into. He puts forth that the ML flight shadowed the other 777 to avoid detection until it reached where ever it was going.

I would agree the passengers are dead and the plane is/was needed for an attack and that is why no one group has taken credit for it yet.

Anonymous said...